What's in a name?

30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 2: nicknames.

Before I get into it, I just want to clear one thing up because I get asked ALL the time. In my case, Sophie is not short for Sophia. I'm just Sophie. And frankly, I think it's awesome. I don't know too many people who are called Sophie and it's not short for Sophia. Anywho, on to the nicknames! (there are a billion, and I'm sorry for that.)

- Soph. This is the most common nickname of all. For reasons that are obvious, I'm sure.
- Sofa.
- Couch. (Sofa on a variation, I suppose.)
- Sofa Lofa.
- Loaf.
- Meatloaf.
- Soapie Bath. My middle name is Beth. Sophie Beth. Soapie Bath. I'm sure you can see the train of thought here.
- Mophie. Don't even ask, because I'm not sure either.
- Baby Raja. I was a very large baby.
- Miss Piggy. See above.
- Carrot Top.
- Fifi.
- S-money. This is popular amongst my homies on the streets of downtown St. Louis. Duh.
- Homophie. The loveliest from my sister.
- Hophie. Sister again.
- Slowphie. Sister, once more.

oh, and when my younger brother was a wee little boy and just learning names, my older brother, Cory, was bubby, Chelsey was sissy, and I was...wait for it... girl. Yep, my little brother referred to me simply as "Girl." I feel so loved.

And now, a playlist for your listening pleasure. These are some songs that I've been COMPLETELY obsessed with lately. No need to thank me.

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  1. What about Chubba Lubba.,,Messy Moo...and, your Father's fave...Goo! I personally like Sofa Meatloafa! Honestly, anyone that has as many nicknames as you must surely be loved by the masses! When you were a wee girl you told everyone that your name was and I quote "Sophie Beth Newman but you can call me Chubba Lubba Messy Moo Goo". You are adorable!

  2. My favorites are Couch and Girl. HAHAHAHAHAHA