happy birthday week!

Today starts a magical, magical week. Birthday week.

Birthdays are kind of a big deal in my house. A bigger deal than they probably should be. But that's okay, we love it around here! To kick off birthday week, my mom a.) offered to do my laundry for me. This was SO exciting. I did a little dance. An it's-birthday-week-and-I-don't-have-to-do-my-laundry dance. b.) has a wittle surprise for me. Still waiting on that one. I equal parts hate and love surprises. I can never decide. I hate them so much before I find out what it is, but afterwards I love them. That's usually how it goes. Aaaaand c.) hung up birthday decorations! It's officially birthday central up in heeaaahhh! I'm so excited to see what else my week has in store for me! ;)

I just love pretty birthday cakes and pretty wrapping paper. :)
source 1. source 2. source 3. source 4.  source 6. source 7. source 8. source 9.  **I couldn't find a source for picture number 5! Agh!

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