today is for...

Today is for...
-going to class at 9 in the morning in the cloudy, cold weather.
-curling up on the couch and watching black and white movies on Netflix. 
-a spur of the moment Whole Foods Market lunch date with my mama.
-fantasizing about summer and sundresses.
-snacking on edamame. 
- laundry...( I say that, but it probably won't happen. I have b&w movies to watch, darn it!)
-dreaming about all of the pretty things on my birthday list. I know 19 is a really insignificant age to turn, but I don't even care! I'm still excited.

Today was an unbelievably dreary day, and I was not expecting that at all. I walk out of the house this morning in a t-shirt and the comfiest shorts ever (my school attire,always) only to be hit with a wall of rain and cold. I was SO not expecting that. I couldn't even turn around to change because I was already running late (a common occurrence for me.) In short, I had to brave the cold and the rain and it was awful. And now I'm wrapping myself up in quilts, drinking tea, and listening to Fleet Foxes for the rest of the day. 

on a completely random note, check out the sweet ring my sister got me.
My finger has a mustache. A fingerstache.