30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 5: What song inspires you?

I really can't pick just one song, so I'm going to pick the three songs that inspire me a ridiculous amount. Enjoy!

Swim- Jack's Mannequin

This song is just so lovely. This is the acoustic version, but you can find the normal version here. It's no secret that Jack's Mannequin is one of my favorite bands (loyal fan since 8th grade, holla!) and this song is one of his most inspirational. The lead singer, Andrew McMahon (my future husband. He's just not aware of it yet. Neither is his wife...) is a survivor of leukemia, and many of the songs from his second CD, The Glass Passenger, are about that. But this one in particular is just so...perfect. It's a really positive and encouraging song, and I've never been able to get enough of it. I especially like the line, "I swim for brighter days, despite the absence of sun." It's a song about keeping hope, and I love it. Also, he's a monster at the piano. Love. Him.

Getting Into You- Relient K

I'm a HUGE Relient K fan. They're definitely one of my favorite Christian bands. This song is, obviously, about God and putting your trust in Him. Not too long ago I had a lull in my faith and spirituality. I was putting basically everything before God. It just wasn't a priority for me anymore. Which really sucked. It became somewhat of a chore for me, which isn't right at all. I was always like, oh, I'll pray tomorrow or oh, I'll read my Bible tomorrow. I said that every single day, and it never happened. I found myself really unsatisfied all the time, and I couldn't pinpoint why. But then some things changed, a person who was having a somewhat negative impact on me and my life wasn't around anymore, and I found myself becoming close with God again. And it's getting better every day. And this is a song that I definitely can relate to nowadays, and is SO inspirational, in my eyes!

Cigarettes, Wedding Bands- Band of Horses
Okay, compared to the other two songs, this one and the story behind it is incredibly lighthearted. I like to listen to Band of Horses when I'm doing crafty things or when I'm painting. That's basically it. Ha ha. Band of Horses is tied for first place with Coldplay as my favorite band. They're both just so wonderful.

Okay, well there you have it! Three, out of a billion, songs that inspire me! I find so many things and songs inspiring, so these songs were incredibly hard to narrow down. I might have to do a part two to this. Yes? 


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