things that make me terribly happy.

30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 7: what makes you happy?

Oh, SO many things make me happy. My mom told me once that it's annoying how peppy I am. She's charming, I know. Anyways, I may or may not keep a list of things that make me really happy and look at it when I'm feeling down. There's no way of knowing. But here it is!

-my family (duh)
-writing in pen
-taking notes
-Target (I'm obsessed, okay?)
-cherry chip cupcakes
-Disney movies
-Michael Buble
-leg warmers
-twinkle lights
-kitty cats
-Harry Potter
-The Hunger Games
-essie nail polish
-the color orange
-sea horses
-cozy blankets
-reading a good book
-organization and order
-anything vintage
-New York City
-holding hands
-using big words
-my violin
-hair bows
-bright colors
-boys who wear bow ties

And that's not all the things!! I know this list is riiiiiiidiculously long, but just so many things make me happy. It's the little things, right? Right! And that's a whole lot of little things. 
Also, this is completely unrelated, but I neeeeeeeeed a pretty vintage camera. So badly. Ugh, look at them!!

I hope everyone had a lovely day!


  1. I don't understand, you are THE MOST disorganized person I know? Post a pitcha of your room, turkey.

  2. I know. But just because I don't practice it, doesn't mean I don't enjoy it. haha!