awkward and awesome thursday.

Hello there. I would like to introduce you to a sweet little segment on my blog entitled "Awkward and Awesome Thursday" where... you guessed it... I tell you awkward and awesome things that have happened to me lately. I totally snagged this idea from one of my favorite blogs entitled The Daybook, it's just too wonderful not to use! Let us begin.

-at church last night, I mistook some guy for someone I know... I walked up to him and struck up a conversation and everything before he introduced himself as someone else. Yeah.
-the amount of cookies I've been eating lately.
-the ridiculously hot weather, despite the fact that it's April.
-the fact that I have to be at work at 4 in the morning on Saturday. Now, that's not so much awkward as just really really unfortunate, BUT this is MY blog and if I say it's awkward... then it's awkward.
-my hair, half the time.

-the amount of cookies I've been eating lately...
-the magnificent sweet potato and black bean quesadillas I made with my darling friend Kayla on Monday. Seriously the best thing to have graced my taste buds.
-visiting my old youth pastor, whom I haven't seen since I was about twelve or thirteen, at his church last night.
-the fact that I don't have any class tomorrow. Good Friday, you are so good to me.
-the Downton Abbey soundtrack.
-the zoo trip I took with some lovely friends on Monday.
-and the precious little fox pillow I made. His name is Pierre. He has a bowtie.
-speaking of bowties...they're pretty awesome.
-and this pedestrian sign we found while meandering at the zoo:
pedestrians are required to hula-hoop...duh.

Other lovely pictures:
Pierre is a little ridiculous looking. But I don't care.
He's a fox, and I love him.
Heaven in the form of an uncooked quesadilla.

Ice cream is ALWAYS better in a cone.

In other news... I would just like to say how incredibly excited I am that Instagram is for Androids now! FINALLY! I fit in. And to all you iPhone users that are not happy about it... I wish you would be more welcoming to us newcomers! Let's not be clique-ish here. Instagram is super fun, and I think it's great that it's not exclusively for iPhones anymore, because I've been wanting it for the longest time!


  1. I'm glad you now have access to Instagram and I'm an iPhone user! Welcome to the family!

  2. Thanks Chels, and thank YOU Amanda!I feel like part of the community now.