deep thoughts with Sophie: on sweatshops

I told you I'd be back. I think I'm addicted to blogging. But that's okay.

I'm starting a new thing on my blog called Deep Thoughts With Sophie, in which I talk about my views on different topics. Sometimes it may be a tiny bit controversial (you can't stop my hippie!) but let's try and keep the comments pleasant! Also, I will actually keep up with this segment, I swear.

Alongside blogging, I think I'm addicted to shopping. This is awesome and not awesome. Working in the clothing part of Target does not help this addiction along very much, either. Every time we get new, pretty things in, my mind automatically thinks,"NEEEEEEEEDDDDD." Which makes my bank account very sad. I've been doing better at combating this thought process, but still.

So in lieu of this, I'm going to start doing more with less. As much as it pains me to say, I'm going to forgo trips to Forever 21 and Urban Outfitters (cute clothes, sucky human rights ethics) in favor of handmade and vintage things. Hello, Etsy, sewing machine, and thrift stores. You are my new best friends. Not that you already weren't because you totally were...but we just level upped in terms of friendship. Like, we're on 'best friend coming along on the family vacation' level now.

It's so easy to buy plain old things from Goodwill and snazz it up however you want, versus dropping thirty dollars on one shirt. Example: I have this plain gray sweatshirt that I bought for a dollar. I'm planning on jazzing it up by adding embroidery around the neckline, along with some other things. It's easy peasy, cheap, and absolutely adorable. What more could you want?!?!

Not only is it awesome morally to buy vintage/local/handmade, but HELLLOOOO. You're not going to have a billion people walking around with the same clothes as you. What a bonus!

This isn't to say that I'm going to stop wearing the F21 and Urban things I already own... what would be the point in that? I already bought those things in my naiveté, so I think it would be silly of me to just let that go to waste. I'm just not going to buy anything from them in the future.

Anyways, these are the thoughts I've been having today, and I thought I would share them. Basically, it boils down to this: you can look cute without sacrificing other peoples' rights.

I sound more and more like a hippie everyday. I think it's a good thing?


my mom is a giant hipster.


My mom showed me the wonders of Youth Lagoon last month. I hope you fall in love like I did. And congratulations mother, for out music-ing me. THIS TIME.

p.s. I shall be back later today with a REAL post! Hooray?

a smattering of photos.

 "If a person has ugly thoughts, it begins to show on the face. And when that person has ugly thoughts every day, every week, every year, the face gets uglier and uglier until it gets so ugly you can hardly bear to look at it.

A person who has good thoughts cannot ever be ugly. You can have a wonky nose and a crooked mouth and a double chin and stick-out teeth, but if you have good thoughts they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely."

~ Roald Dahl, The Twits

Just stopping by today with a smattering of favorite photos from the latter half of my vacation, and words that have been in my head lately.

25 before 20.

Today I was thinking. Which sometimes (most times) proves dangerous. I'm 19. NINETEEN. That's so weird. I have less than a year left of being a teenager. No more teen angst or auditioning for Dance TV. That's serious business, guys.
So, in normal Sophie fashion, I made a list. I firmly believe that lists solve EVERYTHING. Especially pro/con lists. But I digress. I made a list of 25 Things To Do Before I Turn 20. I'll keep you all updated on these things as I do them... and I'm hoping to do them all.
Without furter ado, here is my list!
1. take a ballet class.
2. learn French. (I'm signed up for a French class this semester, so this one is kind of a self-fulfilling prophecy...)
3.volunteer somewhere.
4. read a Jane Austen novel.
5. embroider something. 
6. bake macaroons (successfully)
7. learn to crochet.
8. sew a dress or skirt.
9. throw a tea party.
10. try African food.
11. visit Miss Amanda in Pella, again. (hopefully that'happening soon!)
12. gather my favorite things and take pictures of them.
13. build a blanket fort.
14. leave a random, sweet note for a stranger. at a bakery. (a real one, not a dog one, like I do now!)
16. open a shop on Etsy, filled with things I've made. 
17. visit my best friends while they are away at school.
18. learn to play the ukulele (I already have the uke!)
19. join my school's orchestra.
20. stay on the vegan bandwagon for the rest of my teenage life.
21. Take pictures of strangers. (with their permission... no creeping here!)
22.start putting outfit posts on the blog.
23. get film for my polaroid camera.
24. take a picture a day.
25. travel somewhere I've never been before.   

And that's my list! Its nothing too special, but it's certainly something!

i leaf autumn.

"Delicious autumn! 
My very soul is wedded to it, 
and if I were a bird 
I would fly about the earth 
seeking the successive autumns."
George Eliot

I am so, so ready for autumn. I have my boots, leg warmers, and tights all ready to go for the first brisk day. Don't get me wrong, I love summer and the other seasons... I just love fall more. What is there NOT to love about it? All the leaves are gorgeous, the weather isn't too hot, or too cold... it's perfect exploring weather. It's the beginning of school, such a wonderful time. There's such an excitement in the beginning of school that the middle or end of it can never match. And don't even get me started on pumpkin spice lattes from Starbucks. I'm drooling just thinking about it. If anything tastes like autumn, it's pumpkin-y things. I love Thanksgiving, and the anticipation of winter. And there's a certain smell about fall that really gets me. All good things happen in autumn. I certainly believe that. Also, nothing beats the wonderful clothes and muted colors that accompany fall. Dresses, scarves, cardigans, boots, leg warmers...oh my. There are so many possibilities!  Autumn, you are my favorite and I love absolutely everything about you. I can't wait to see you.


just call me Mary Poppins.

Basically one of the best songs ever. And the best movies...

Besides Mary Poppins of course.

(speaking of that, they are now selling tapestry bags at Target... guys, my dream to be Mary Poppins LIVES ON!)

don't make frowns, you silly clown.

First of all, I apologize for being scarce around the blog lately. I don't really have an excuse. Oh wait! I just thought of one. My keyboard is still on the fritz, so typing anything of great length makes me want to kick a small child. And there are no small children around. So it's proving problematic. 
Anyways, the past two days have been rather suckish. I haven't really had a truly bad day in awhile, so I knew one was on its way. Which is oddly okay by me. It's like, I was going unnoticed by the universe for awhile, and so it was all, wait one hot second! This must change! It's okay, universe. I understand it was nothing personal. You gotta do what you gotta do.
This post is going to jump around a lot. It'going to go from pity party, to happy, to ridiculous, to a whole bunch of other things. Random, like me.

Reasons why I could be frowning right now...
-boys. I know you're probably going reaaaally, Sophie? YES REALLY. They think we girls are all confusing. Au contraire. Boys, if you like a girl, gather some courage and ask her out. Please. Call me old fashioned, but I think the boy should have to do the pursuingRant over.
-You would not believe the amount of times I've had to scream, LULU, DROP THE UNDERWEAR this week.
-I'm sickish. I haven't felt very well today or yesterday. I think it's a combination of worrying myself, and also that I really am sick. Meh.
-Let me paint a picture for you. Me. Sitting in my sister's apartment. Blubbering to Kevin and Lulu (yes, my sister's dogs.) about being ignored..Then proceeding to watch rom coms for the remainder of the night. Yeah... I'm really doing some favors for the single girl stereotype! Carrie Bradshaw would be proud.
-The fact that aaaall of my friends are leaving me for for school soon. 1 is the loneliest nuuummmbaaaaa. 
-my wisdom teeth are bothering me. BE GONE, YOU!

(pity party, I TOLD YOU.)

Reasons why I am choosing to smile instead...
-I started my new job on Wednesday. Let me tell you something, I'm convinced it was made specifically for me. Like, it arrived on my doorstep all nice and wrapped up, addressed to me, complete with a bow. I got to decorate doggie treats today, you guys. This is serious shiz. Also, can we talk about the adorable apron I get to wear?
-I think my hair has finally won the war on frizz. It was a 19 year battle, but we did it.
-Miss Amanda. I am so blessed to have someone like her in my life. Shgave me the best advice I've gotten in a very very long time today. I love her so much! Everyone needs an Amanda. She's like my Oprah. And my Yoda. But prettier. And not green.
-Down with Love. Where has that movie been all my life? More importantly, where as Ewan McGregor been all my life?!?
-The word cray. You can't stop my gangsta.
-All of my new coworkers are complete hippies. I fell to my knees and screamed MY PEOOOPPPLLEEEEE on my first day. No I didn't. 
-thinking about the Ingrid Michaelson concert the other day. (post on that to come!)
- sitting in solitude, with my sister's dogs cuddled up against me and just listening to music. It's wonderful.
- The Bible verses I discovered talking about vegetarians. It was like a holla from God.
-My boss talking about how she doesn't like to microwave food because it messes with the molecular structure of food. Uh, please be my best friend.
-how excited Lulu gets every time I start singing.
-and this print...


magic. by Sophie Newman on Grooveshark

life lately, according to instagram. (and other thoughts)

First of all, I'm listening to the Gambler by fun. right now, and I think I just heard the sweetest words evaaaaa...

 "I swear when I grow up, I won't just buy you a rose. I will buy the whole flower shop, and you will never be lonely." 

 WHAT IS THIS CUTENESS?! If somebody sang this loveliness to me... I WOULD MELT, I TELL YOU. MELT. Anyhow...

1. Christmas pajamas. In July. SOMEBODY STOP ME.
2. The newest addition to my room. Yes, that means I  now have three whole shoe racks in my room. I do not have a problem.
3.Stickin' it to the man, with my Meat Stinks shirt!
4. I love me some new music.
5. I wore my birkenstocks from 8th grade... it's so wrong that it's right.
6.It had really been too long since I picked up my violin.
7.Oh, mustaches.
9. Kayla and I painted her room, which translates to crazy dance party, sodas, and cute straws.

In other news, this week my sister and her husband are going out of town... that means Aunt Fifi (a.k.a. me) is staying at their apartment to dogsit Kevin and Lulu. I plan on eating more than is socially acceptable, and having a Friends marathon, all while pretending that I'm in my own apartment and not, in fact, in my sister's. Excellent.

I like to talk, and I don't like sneezers.

I am a terrible movie partner. I always have to sit in the very very back, because sitting anywhere else, there are people behind you and if they sneeze or cough, you become their own, life-size tissue. If I sit anywhere else, I am basically cringing the whole time. You can thank my mother for that really weird thought process. Also, I sort of like to give my own commentary during movies, as I don't  know how to keep my mouth shut for more than 30 seconds. Some people find it entertaining, but others (I'm looking at YOU, Allie) don't find it so entertaining.

Anyways, I don't go to the movies that much. Even though I sort of love it. With that being said, I have compiled a list of movies that I'm absolutely dying to see! But maybe, just maybe I should go by myself...
#1- Beasts of the Southern Wild

#2- Moonrise Kingdom
#3-Take This Waltz

#4- The Intouchables

#5- Ruby Sparks

p.s. I know that's a lot of film trailers, but I couldn't narrow it down any further!
p.p.s. I'll be back later today with part two of my vacation!

little letters.

dear Imagine Dragons Pandora station,
you're my new favorite station. I may or may not have crazy danced while listening to your songs more than once at work today. Keep being you, in all of your Vampire Weekend-y, MGMT-y, Imagine Dragon-y, dance party-y wonderfulness.

dear Target,
You told me I would be getting out of work by 10:15 at the latest this morning... I DIDN'T GET OUT UNTIL 11. I'll get you. And your little bullseyed dog, too.

dear Mr. Sylvester Canon,
dude, you're taking some bangin' pictures as of late. We make a good team. I'll forgive you for dying yesterday. Just don't let it happen again.

dear Barbra Streisand,
you're so money. Especially in Funny Girl. Which is in my top five fave movies.

dear Elf,
It's never a wrong time to watch you. But now I'm totally ready for winter. I want scarves, mittens, and ice please!

dear fall,
don't read the above letter. You're my faaaaave. Hurry up, already!

dear voice,
I think we're kind of getting a little better at singing, yeah?! I'll credit all of those hours of singing (shouting?) show tunes to my dog.

dear violin,
WHY ARE YOU SO OUT OF TUNE? This is not okay. We will not have a repeat of last year, where I was trying to tune you and you slapped me in the face with one of your strings. Nope. Not happening.

dear sun,
thank you for being kind to me while I was in Las Vegas. The lack of sunburning is much appreciated.

love always,

vegas part 1: el roadtrip.

No, this is not a smudge of chocolate on your computer screen from your midnight snack last night. It's actually a blog post, like promised! I couldn't risk my love of cantaloupe for that. I just couldn't. So without further ado, here is a super lot of pictures from the first leg of my vacation! ENJOY!

We flew from St. Louis to Denver, spent thnight in Vail, and from there ventured to heaven, a.k.a. Las Vegas. My family hasn't roadtripped all together since like, 2002. So this was awesome. And silly. And crazy. The soundtrack for this part of the trip was the Partridge Family. We cant help how awesome we are.  

The pictures only get better (and much sillier) from here, you guys. Trust me. 

an apology.

Oh hey guys. It's me. That loser who posted like, THREE DAYS AGO that I would be blogging about my vacay. I have a good explanation for not doing that, I really do. My computer exploded. Okay, not really. But the G, H, backspace, aaaaand quotation marks on my keyboard decided that they were too good for me. Snobs. Plus, I'm such a lazypants. Get it together, self. There are just SO MANY PICTURES and do you know how long it takes to upload that many pictures? A really long time. I know you all (what is that, like three people? Let's be real, Sophie.) have been anxiously awaiting these pictures, RIGHT? RIGHT?? So I'll start the marathon of Las Vegas pictures tomorrow.

I PINKY PROMISE I'll do part one tomorrow. Like, I swear on cantaloupe. And I really love cantaloupe.

On another completely random and out of nowhere note, I want to marry Gene Kelly's voice.

you know you missed me.


I am finally back from my Western adventures. I had suuuuuuch a blast, and if you follow me on twitter and instagram, you got a (very large) taste of what I've been up to for the past week. There were so many shenanigans, and it was oh so wonderful. However, yesterday was the longest day of my life, so a REAL post about my vacation will have to wait until tomorrow. And the next day. And the next day. The posts about it will come in three (or four) parts. I took a buttload of pictures, okay? In the mean time, I'm leaving you with a photo and a playlist. I'm off to sleep FOREVER.

p.s. can I please go back to Las Vegas... now?

Their names are Dave and Randy.
That pretty much sums up my trip. And probably is the most awesome picture I took the whole time. Dinosaurs, duh.

Also, a playlist for an awesome and somewhat silly roadtrip. (I had to include Backstreet's Back. I mean really.) 

roadtrippin'. by slowphie11 on Grooveshark