30 days

Hello, pretties! So, today I'm starting something really exciting. Well, exciting in my eyes at least. Can you say 30 day blog challenge? Wheeeee! I've been seeing these things floating around the blogosphere for the longest time, so I thought I'd try my hand at it. Here we go!

Day one: 15 interesting facts about me, and a recent picture.

Okay, to start off... there's a recent picture of my little brother and I. Oh, how sweet that little boy is and how crazy I look! I don't know, is February recent? I'm just going to go with... yeah, it's recent.

15 Random Facts, yeaaaah!
1. I'm vegetarian. 3 days ago was my two year 'vegiversary!' I was vegan for about 8 months of those two years. It's really not as hard as people think. The only reason that I'm not vegan right now is because I love cheese and gelato way too much. WAY too much. I'm a vegetarian with vegan tendencies, as Miss Amanda would say. 

2. I'm what some would call a music snob. I just call it extremely good taste. I normally am not a fan of "mainstream" music. Not because it's mainstream and I'm trying to be "cool", but just because it's usually not my style. However, One Direction and Taylor Swift are my exceptions/guilty pleasures. except I'm not so guilty about it. They're perfection.

3. I'm a walking accident. Seriously, I need to be put in a bubble. Once, I exclaimed that I had to locate the nearest hospital, because whenever I'm in a new place I NEED to know where one is. Just in case. Ask Kayla. So. many. injuries. In the weirdest possible ways, too.

5. I play ze violin. And oh, how I love it.

6. Speaking of violin, classical music is probably my favorite type of music. I'm weird like that. 

7. I'm a walking, talking Harry Potter encyclopedia. Anyone who knows me, knows this. I'm starting to become the same way with the Hunger Games, too. Uh oh.

8. I like animals better than people. Especially cats. Meow. 

9. I am OBSESSED with vintage things. My closet is filled with vintage dresses and shirts these days, and it makes me so happy. :)

10. My sister Chelsey and I have a freakish bond that could never be replicated. We read each other's minds and it's really weird. In a good way. Well, good for us. Not so much for other people. Like her husband...

11. I have a LOT of pet peeves, but these three are my biggest: improper grammar, people who chew with their mouth open and/or chew loudly (UGH), and people who act differently according to which group of people they're with. Can you say manipulative? 

12. I have 8 pairs of TOMS. You could say I'm a tad bit obsessed.

13. I am deathly afraid of styrofoam. We'll save that story for another blog post though. 

14.I have two favorite colors: yellow and mint green. I'm also quite partial to anything peach. 

15. I  have the craziest, curliest hair. But I wish it was straight. Oh sigh. But I know if it was straighty straight, I would wish it was curly. Such a catch 22. 

So there you have it! Day one finished, twenty-nine more to go! I'll see you guys back here tomorrrow! xoxo

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