next to me.

"Je voudrais manger quel que chose" means "I would like to eat something."

This is possibly my new favorite Julie Andrews picture! have I ever mentioned how much I love her?

What a fox.

Nothing but love for this movie, still. It comes with nice memories.

I just love everything about this picture.

What a stylish guy.

I do think I need this sweater!
Sleeping At Last is my newest music obsession, and this is the sweetest song I ever did hear. The lyrics are too sweet and good. Oh, my heart just fills when I listen to it! Every song I've listened to by them has melted my heart. Just sayin'.

hope everyone had a simply lovely Sunday... and here's to punching the rest of the week in the face!  

(I've decided whenever I can't decide on a name for a post, I'll just use the title to whichever song I used. CHEERS TO ORIGINALITY!)

one. two. three. four. five. six. seven. eight. nine. ten.

Owen Riley.

Today is my sweet baby brother's 15th birthday. He is so old. And so tall. And such a funny, sassy, and lovely little human being.

Happy birthday, O-man! I love you a whole freaking lot. Even when I'm pestering you...

p.s. I totally asked for presents today because 15 years ago was the death of my days as the youngest child. My mom laughed. Let's just have a moment of silence for the loss of being the youngest.

paranoia in b flat major.

have a new music obsession in the Avett Brothers.

Oh my. There are no words for them. I started listening to them like, a week ago. I know they're rather old news, and I'm late to this party. BUT. I've heard sooooo many people talk about them and I was just kind of like... okay whatever. SHUT UP EVERYONE THEY'RE PROBABLY NOT EVEN THAT WONDERFUL.

Oh how I was mistaken! They are just so good, and I'd be lying if I said I haven't cried at a song or two of theirs. The lyrics are what get me.

These are my favorite songs by them and have been on repeat, repeat, repeat.

                                                           avett by Sophie Newman on Grooveshark
Anyways, there's not much else to report over here. Other than I'm a little sicky sick. (insert boredness here.) It might just be allergies. I don't think so. But who thheck knows?! At any rate, I've spent the majority of my night watching My Best Friend's Wedding and wishing I had some Sprite. I've determined that Julia Roberts is the plucky curly redhead I aspire to be.

   I can't take it. THE LOBSTER HANDS!

Also,  Mumford and Sons new album.... PURE WONDERFULNESS, AS EXPECTED.

fall, dogs, and red lerpsterk.

You probably can guess what this post is about. YERP. It is about my first day of fall. 

Yesterday was the day of all days. Joe and I (my partner in vintage crime) went estate saling. The first one we went to was sort of awful, and we were harassed by an elderly woman with gray hair, plus pinks streaks and lots of braids, minus her sanity. Yeah. I found a Beach Boys album and a clipboard. I painted said clipboard with chalkboard paint and I'm going to hang it up! Eep! I'm actually super excited about it. The next one we hit up didn't look like it would be anything special. AU CONTRAIRE, MY FRIENDS. AU. FREAKIN. CONTRAIRE. I walked in, and instantly spotted the most beautiful MINT GREEN retro fan. The man who was working that sale saw me snatch it up and was all, "That's a really groovy fan, eh?" The grooviest, long haired friend man. The grooviest. I'm just meandering around this estate sale finding thing after incredible thing with a slightly deranged look on my face. I got the prettiest afghan in so many fall-ish hues. I have an odd obsession with afghans. I also found a beautiful shirt with the prettiest collar... for one dollar. JOKES ON YOU, SUCKERS! I have a beautiful old lady-esque shirt and all they have is one dollar. Then we wandered out into the garage. Oh, te garage. First thing, I saw a record player. I asked the groovy guy how much it was... 10 DOLLARS. 10 DOLLARS. WAT?! The groovy man even let me plug it in to the wall to make sure everything was spinning properly! Which it did. I am now the proud adoptive mama of a record player named Oswald! These things choose us, people. I also found a polaroid camera with film in it for another dollar. I got a few other suhweet old cameras. Yesterday was perfect. Perfect, I tell you.

Also, it's like someone flipped a switch and pulled fall out of their hind end. I'm not complaining, BUT WHERE DID THIS BEAUTIFUL FALL WEATHER COME FROM?!

Kevin and Lulu came for a sleepover while their poor mommy recovers from wisdom teeth taking outing, and this is what happened...

Lulu:  "I am missing so many chromosomes. BUT LOOK  HOW CUTE I AM!"

Kevin says, " hate u guiz. Idiotz."

Still missing those chromosomes, I see.


" I am laundry. Wut."
Lulu ADORES  him, Kevin  hates  him. But I suspect she really as a crush on  him.
(please don't yell at me for thisMichael.) 
I tried my  hand at red lipstick! Yerp. 

sophie + coffee + soda = explosion.

Currently, it is three in the morning. I had a coffee AND a soda today. Bad life choice. I don't think these things through. Sleep is eluding me even though I am absolutely exhausted. Anyways, everything I'm saying out loud right now makes little to no sense. Sigh.

I just found a bunch of silly photobooth pictures of Michael and I from a few weeks ago, so I thought I would share these lovelies with you. Enjoy!


Also, happy first official day of fall. I shall be doing solstice dances all day.

Also also, I'm going to estate sales tomorrow... errr... today. Can you say EXCITED?!

hashtag blogger problems.

Over the weekend, Michael and I took a trip to visit Columbia and it was much fun. A weekend filled with a lot of giggling, a lot silliness, and a lot of exploring... what could be better?! I got a grand tour from both Michael AND the lovely Allie, who acted as my tour guide Barbie. And yes I called her that many times. It was wonderful.

Anyways, one of the buildings downtown is under construction, and there's a bunch of plywood up. Some lovely person took it upon themselves to paint the loveliest words on aforementioned plywood. Of course, my picture senses started tingling.      

The first time I walked past it, I was with Allie, but the sidewalk was SO busy that I didn't even think twice about taking a picture of it. Then later that night, I walked past it with Michael, and I was all DUDE. I have to take a picture of this. HAVE TO. And I started to, but then Michael said there was a guy walking in our vicinity and he was super creepy. So we vamoosed. THEN we wandered down that way again the next day, and I finally got my pictures. But it was filled with a lot of awkward "let's pretend we're looking at a building so these people walking our way don't think we're weird."

Good thing he is so accepting of my weird, blogger ways.

I took a whole bunch of pictures in Columbia, most of which are Michael and I making silly (weird) faces, food, and buildings. I'll be posting those at soon o'clock.   

today is for...

-staying in bed a few moments longer to listen to some new favorite music, mixed with the sound of thunder and rain.
-prancing around outside in my beloved rainboots.
- wearing the warmest gray socks inside of those floral rainboots.
-going to classes, and being super incredibly excited about it.
-listening to everybody in my Creative Writing class recite poems they've written.
-having a pumpkin spice latte for the second day in a row. I like them a latte!
-peter pan collars.
-wondering if it really rained today, BECAUSE THERE ARE NO TRACES OF IT ANYMORE. Where are you, clouds and puddles?! I just want to stomp around in you a little...
-aaaannndddd a lovely playlist filled with a few of my faveys, as of late...

                                                          today. by Sophie Newman on Grooveshark