Lykke Li and fevers. Oh, and school.

Oh hello, friends. I have a new obsession. And her name is Lykke Li. Ugh. Perfection. It seems like I have a lot of obsessions. Do I care? Not really, no. On a completely unrelated note (my blog posts are random. this one is going to jump around. forgive me.) I'm sick. I have a fever. A FEVER. Let me tell you, I never get fevers. Never. I could be deathly ill and puking all over the place (sorry for the lovely image) and I will still have a below average temperature. So when I tell you I have a fever, do not take it with a grain of salt. This is serious business, I tell you! So being the sickly little girl I am, I stopped after school and got myself a strawberry milkshake from Steak&Shake. Heaven in a styrofoam cup. I want a billion more. This was pointless to tell you. But it made my day better, muchly.

Being sick gets a big ole thumbs down from this girl.

Also, only 7 more classes until summer! Eeeek! I don't know where this semester went, but it can stay there. Seriously. I can't wait until next semester where I'm taking classes like French and Philosophy, that I know I will  actually enjoy. People call me Sophie 'Pocket Protector' Newman. Well, not really. But they should. I'm the loser who gets excited over new pencils, taking notes, and getting homework. Yeah. Okay, now that I've sufficiently wasted everyone's time with this post, let me show you the wonderfulness that is Lykke Li. Maybe that will make this count as a real blog post? Maybe. Or maybe this is the most pointless blog post in the history of blog posts. I would go with the latter. 

I threw in some Florence for good measure.

Guys, I like weird music. Okay, I'm off to go be a sick person some more! And by that I mean, pop cough drops like they're candy (good thing you can't OD on those things.), watch Scrubs, and wallow in self pity! Hurrah! I'll be back later tonight with day three of my 30 Day Blog Challenge! I know, two posts from me in ONE DAY! You lucky ducks. 

lalala love, Sophie


  1. I really enjoy taking notes too! Kids in class are like, you could just highlight it straight out of the book, NO! I want to write it down.

  2. Exactly! My psych professor has all of the notes online, but I still write them down during class because I enjoy it so much.