a crafty craft.

Bonjour, friends! Today, I have an adorable little crafty craft to share. I would love to take credit for it, but I cannot. I got it from Miss Danni Hong over at ohhellofriendblog.com! This is my adaptation of her glitter brooches. They're seriously the most precious things ever!

supplies needed:
scotch double-sided tape
gorilla glue
glue dots (completely optional)
spongy paint brush
some pretty paint
pin back bar pins
wood circle disks

first, you paint your discs with whatever colors you chose. I chose lavender, gold, mint green, and the lightest of blues.

I have a SLIGHT obsession with anything mint green, so naturally I HAD to make a mint green pin.
Thank you, Martha Stewart for having mint paint.

after your paint is dry, take your double sided tape and glue dots (if you choose to use them.)
and create different designs on your pins. This part was really frustrating for me, because
the dots and the tape were not cooperating... just stay patient, it takes a few times to get the 
hang of it!

Pour the glitter over the tape, and then simply shake it off. I used heaping loads 
of glitter because frankly, you can never have too much.

Finally, glue your pins to the back, and voila! You're finished! 

Is there any better combination than a homemade glittery brooch, and a dress
with cats wearing bow ties? I really don't think so.