how pleasant is the life I lead.

Lately, life has been treating me so well. I'm talkin' freakishly good here, folks. A few months ago, some things had me feeling icky and I was feeling sorry for myself. Down in the dumps, if you will. But a few weeks ago I decided to do away with that state of mind, and let me tell you. I have been one happy girl because of it. I have a job that I really love (I mean, who wouldn't love working at Target, right?), I have friends that are simply amazing, a weirdo family (you would not believe the shenanigans that go on, not in a hundred years), I am surrounded by such pretty things, and I'm closer than ever to God. So really, what's not to be happy about? In honor of this happiness, I thought I would share with you some of the (frivolous) things that are contributing to it!

-Gelato. You could have guessed that my first item would be a food product. But seriously, gelato is the new frozen yogurt, dontcha know?

-Lana Del Rey. I don't even care about her failed SNL appearance, she's heaven sent. At first I wasn't a fan of hers, but the more I listened to her CD, the more obsessed I became. Video Games is only a prelude to how amazing the whole CD is. I can't even.

-Going to the gym. What's that sound? Oh. That's the sound of every person who just read that sentence gasping in shock. I know. But I've been to the gym 5 days out of the last 7. Or something like that. I'm getting in shape, and it's the greatest feeling! I'm an elliptical using MACHINE. I started going to the gym because I'm running this marathon on May 6th. So I have to get in shape for it unless I want it to kick my butt. Which I don't, really.

-Downton Abbey. I won't go into detail on this one, because I'm sure everyone has heard enough about it from me. But seriously... watch it. It's one of my biggest obsessions right now. It's just perfect, right down to the pretty music, and I wish I were one of those lovely people.

And now for a menagerie of photos that I've been slightly obsessed with, as of late. The weekly menagerie, we shall call it.

  one. tiny dancers. 
two. Just everything about this picture is perfect. UGH!
Three. The classiest ballerinas. LET ME BE YOU.
five. Emma Watson, if you're reading this
(which is highly likely...)
be my best friend. please.
4. I've recently decided that gardenias are my favorite flowers.
So anyone who was thinking about getting me flowers, but
didn't know what to get... here's looking at you.
six. Sadly true. Except no... IT'S NOT SAD AT ALL.
maybe it's a little sad.

7. 8. 9. 10.I've really been digging bright, well lit rooms lately.
These rooms are four of my favorites.

11. Nothin' better than a ginger kitty cat! Meow.
public service announcement: my mother is a redhead who finds the term "ginger"
highly offensive and hurtful. Ginger is yellow, so it makes no sense to call REDheads, ginger.
twelve. Things that go together.  

13. 14. I have a birthday coming up, you know...
fifteen. How could I NOT include this photo of some of the Star Wars cast?? I'm in love with it!

sixteen. Lastly, I leave you with this print I found earlier today.
It's fitting for my bespectacled little blog, wouldn't you agree?

**I couldn't find links for pictures three and eleven, so if anyone knows, let me know! Thanks lovelies! xoxo

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