about the bespectacled girl.

Hello there! I'm so excited that you've stopped by my little blog.

I'm Sophie. I'm nineteen, but I'm convinced that I'm 80 years old. I prefer Sinatra over Bieber, Blossom Dearie over Lady Gaga, and Ella Fitzgerald over well...most anything. I'm a lover of 1950's and 1970's fashion, 1940's films and the music of George Gershwin.

Things I enjoy doing:
-Playing the violin
You know, just your basic elderly lady things.

Other things:
-For 2 years, I've been a vegetarian. I was vegan for about 8 months in 2011, and decided to switch back to vegetarian... and recently I've embarked on a journey as a born again vegan. Read about it here!
-I'm obsessed with anything mint green and anything floral.
-Classical music is arguably my favorite sort of music.
- I'm a shoe hoarder.
-I have a severe case of wanderlust, and the littlest things make me immensely happy.
-I don't have a cat, but I am a complete crazy cat lady. The first thing I will do when I am out on my own is go and adopt myself a kitten... or 5. 
- I am a walking, talking Harry Potter encyclopedia. I know anything and everything Harry Potter. 
-I like to play dress-up, have solo dance parties, and make up songs... about everything.
-I'm crafty, like a fox.
-I name everything. Ev.ery.thi.ng. For example, I named a log Humphrey, my ukulele Sherman, my typewriter Gwendolyn, my camera is Sylvester, and my laptop Esther. And I have an air freshener in my car named Fernando. Yeah...

What is all the hoopla about?
 hoopla: bustling excitement or activity; commotion; hullabaloo; to-do.
I think the work "hoopla" describes my life nicely. As for the bespectacled part? Well,I wear glasses. (Most of the time.)
This blog is about the randomness that is my life. Whether it be a silly story that I have to tell, a DIY, or about my latest thrifting endeavor, it's a place that is all my own. My happy place. And I am so glad that I get to share my journey with all of you lovely people.

It's nice to meet you.