Obsessing over brussel sprouts and birthday week! Whoever decided that brussel sprouts were only for old people was highly mistaken. Those things are a gift from God. There's a party in my tummy every time I eat them. Let's just make mung beans the official old person food, instead of brussel sprouts. In the eloquent words of Creed Bratton, from the Office, "Mung beans smell like death." And as for birthday week... need I explain? Well, I did here. My mom and sister have gone all out for my birthday this year. I'm such a lucky girl!

Working on a character analysis for my English class. On the bright side, this paper takes the place of my final in that class. Score!

Thinking about the fact that I need to clean my room. It looks like my closet regurgitated everything in it. It's bad.

Listening to Civil Twilight. I'm going to their concert this Saturday (birthday DAY) with my brother-in-law and I'm so excited! Eep!

Wishing for school to be over. Only three more days of classes though! Thaaaank goodness.

I adore Beirut. I first discovered them last summer over on the rockstar diaries (seriously my most
favorite blog ever. their life is so sweet and near perfection.) and I've been obsessed ever since. Now whenever I hear this song specifically, I think of summer. This was like the theme song of last summer for me. I listened to it over.and over.and over. Frankly, I'm not sure how I'm not completely tired of it by now. But I'm not, and whenever I want to be taken back to last summer (which was a freaking rockin' summer for me. i don't know how this summer could top it.) I just listen to this song. 
*also, you can find Florence and the Machine's aaaamazing cover of it here! 

Happy Thursday!
xo Sophie

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