"Oh You Pretty Things."

As you can see, I revamped my quaint little blog. I started getting tired of the old layout, and I wanted something fresh. So, here it is! I'm so smitten with the new look of it.

Today, I'm introducing a new segment to my blog called "oh you pretty things." I got this idea from miss james. She used to do this every Sunday, and I always loved it. So I decided to introduce it to my blog! Enjoy!

1. pretty Audrey.

2. the prettiest wallpaper i ever did see.

3. pretty vintage brooches.

4. pretty retro girls in pretty hues.

5. pretty wonderful living room.

6. pretty smitten with these suitcases.

7. pretty lovely print.

8. pretty perfect picture.

9. pretty bright buildings. 

10. pretty bothered that I don't own this dress.

source: one // two // three // four // five // six // seven // eight //
nine// ten

Tomorrow, I'll have an awkward and awesome Thursday for you... surprise, surprise! It's been the longest time since I've done that. 

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  1. Love the new look and all the pretties! I'm looking forward to the awkward and the awesome.