GMO's are bad, and smoothies are good.

Hello all! Sorry for the lack of blogging over here, but I've been a busy little lady lately! Oh summer. Anyways, that's not what I want to talk about. Here, I talked about going vegan for the second time. That was about a week ago, and I've kept it up. It's so easy to avoid things like cheese and milk once you know how the animals are treated, and the yucky stuff your body gets out of eating those things. Now, don't get me wrong. I'm not trying to convert every person I know into a vegan when I spout things off like this. They're just facts. Being vegan is what makes sense for me. It may not be what makes sense to you. If being a vegetarian is what makes sense, go for it. If eating cage free and grass fed animals is what makes sense? Kudos to you. It's all personal preference... you can be healthy eating meat and dairy products. I just personally can't turn a blind eye to those animals, and not only that, but I want to know exactly what I'm putting into my body. My rule is that if it has a long ingredient list, and/or I can't pronounce a good chunk of the ingredients... I steer clear of it.

My first time around as a vegan, my problem was that I was extremely lazy about it. My diet consisted mostly of Subway, the Amy's brand frozen meals, pasta, and corn and bean salad. First of all, that v-e-r-y boring, and's not all that healthy. I mean, it wasn't the worst diet ever, but it certainly wasn't the best. So this time, I'm going to cook my meals as much as I can, and put variety into them. I have a billion cookbooks to experiment with, and I've begun compiling recipes online and then writing them down. I've started referring to this as my vegan Bible. I'm going to use mostly fresh foods, and I'm so excited just thinking about it! This is definitely a lifestyle choice I want to stick with.

I'm getting ahead of myself though. I've been researching different detoxes, to rid my body of toxins. I've finally settled on one I think will work for me. Starting tomorrow, I'll be going on a 7 day smoothie detox. That's right, nothing but smoothies for seven whole days! I really have been wanting to do a detox to flush out all of the toxins from my system. It'll leave me feeling refreshed and renewed... which is exactly what I need. I want to start completely over, because although I've been vegan for a week now, I'm still feeling sluggish and weighed down from the dairy products. The smoothie detox is easy on the system, and consists of drinking 3-5 smoothies per day. I found a whole list of delicious smoothies to choose from, and they each benefit your body in some way. I mean heck, I found one that uses beta-carotene from carrots and oranges as a natural self tanner. Heck yeah! My mom said it's like a tanning bed, but from the inside and minus the cancer. I'll take it.

Sorry to go all hippie on you, but GMO's are a big no-no. Just watch the video yourself, and hopefully it'll spark some curiosity about what you're putting into your body. People always say to me, "Sophie, please don't tell me why you're vegan. Because then I might have to change the way I eat, and I don't want to do that" I usually keep my mouth shut about it, so this is weird for me. But I figure I need to get my thoughts about veganism, organic foods, and GMO's out SOMEWHERE. But trust me, I could go into a lot more detail than I already have. But usually I only spout off facts to people if they specifically ask me about it. Anyways, in short, I'm going to do everything I can to consume as little GMO's as possible, and I'm starting it off with a smoothie detox. I'll be posting smoothie recipes a lot in this next week!


  1. YEAH GIRL. post some smoothie recipes for us!! <3

  2. Uhmm I love you and i love your blog! It was a very educational video. My two favorite parts were when the one guy said "if you're talking about good marijuana grown organic oatmeal cookies, then yeah I know what you're talking about" I bust out laughing when he said that. And the other was when he gave the two little boys GMO glasses...I want a pair! In all seriousness this little bloggie of yours got me thinking, I guess that's what you wanted, so job well done!

    1. Amanda, I JUST saw this comment! I'm such a good blogger... haha. I know, I want a pair of GMO glasses tooooo! And I'm so glad my post got you thinking.:) that makes me oh so happy!