awkward and awesome Thursday.

A long, long time ago in a galaxy far, far away... but really not that far away, I did something called awkward and awesome Thursday. It was something I was planned on doing pretty much every Thursday. But somehow, I let it get away from me. Without further ado, I'm reintroducing awkward and awesome Thursday!

-the look on people's faces when I tell them I'm vegan. Don't worry, it's not a disease. You can't catch the vegan.
-I'm wearing Christmas pajamas right now. Oh hey, May.
- the fact that I'm just now cleaning out the fish tank that my big brother got me for my birthday last year. Let me tell you a quick tale about the Jesus of fish, a betta named Albert.
Last spring, my brother was home on leave. I had just gotten a new fishy and I named him Albert. I did not call him Al. My brother is somewhat of a fish connoisseur, so he took me to Petsmart (I know, puke everywhere) and bought me a wonderful tank and goodies for said tank. Everything was going swimmingly (pun TOTALLY intended) until disaster struck. One day, I noticed Albert had some sort of small growth on his little fishy chin. (I know that fish don't technically have chins, but it's the only way I could think to describe the location of aforementioned growth.) Anywho, I thought this growth was just in my imagination... you know, normal parent worrying. Little did I know, IT WASN'T. Every day, this growth got bigger and bigger. I honestly thought it was going to EXPLODE. I started calling him Fat Albert, naturally. He was the prettiest shade of blue, and the skin where the growth was, turned gray from all the stretching. He looked so sickly...and like he was growing a second head. And then, one sad day, Albert died.  I was going to feed him before I left for school, and I noticed his body at the bottom of the tank... and the growth was gone. It looked like it had never been there. Anyways, I didn't have time to scoop his body, because I was running late that day (big surprise, right?). Thank goodness I hadn't, because later that day he came back to life. I kid you not. He was resurrected. The growth was gone, and he was like a new fish! And then a few days later, he died again. I only had him for like, two months. I cried when he died the second time, I'll admit it. This story was a lot longer than I meant for it to be. Oh well, that whole thing was pretty awkward in my opinion, and I'm just now getting around to completely cleaning out the tank.

Bless his little soul. Also, notice the Buddha in his tank. He was
very Zen. I think I caught him doing yoga a few times.
This was before his fancy tank.

- the amount of "that's what she said" jokes I've been making lately. I'm the queen of TWSS, in case you didn't know.
- my hair right now. It's somewhere between curly and straight. Oh hair.
-making my sister non-vegan cupcakes for her birthday when I JUST jumped off the animal product bandwagon. (I may have had an enchilada with cheese on it tonight... we only make them twice a year, give me a break.)
-the way I've been lecturing my chocolate lab lately, as if she were a human. She's a troublemaker, and sometimes she just needs a stern talking to.
- the amount of phlegm I've been producing lately. I'm sick, okay?
-Randomly talking to myself. Realizing I'm talking to myself. And then telling myself to stop talking to myself.
- A little boy and his mother were shopping in Target today. Little boy asks mother what she is doing. I think he's talking to me. I say, "I'm working!", the look on his mother's face tells me that he was not talking to me.
-boasting about how I haven't dropped any baby food at work since my first week. Not five minutes later, I proceeded to drop some. Curses.

-That cheese enchilada, darn it! Forgive me, cow from whence that cheese came.
-my sister's birthday was today, and it was pretty awesome! There were many spazzy pictures taken. Hop on over to her blog and show her some love! And by show her some love, I really just mean read it.
-My new camera. I seriously could go on for an eternity about it. His name is Sylvester. I name everything, it's true.
- vegan parmesan cheese. Where have you been all my vegan existence? Spaghetti just got real.
-my brother being home, even though he's leaving tomorrow. It was awesome while it lasted. He's sassy and likes to giggle.
-mint green pants. They make my closet happy.

I could go on for days about all the awkward and awesome things in my life, but I'll save it for next Thursday. Cheers to that! Have an awesome (and awkward) rest of the week.

I can't decide whether this picture is awesome, or awkward.

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  1. Love it! And the whole eating the enchilada thing, I totally would have done it too. That's where being a vegetarian with vegan tendencies comes in handy :) Oh and I think the picture is awesome because it's somewhat awkward!