shaved ice and iowa.

So, I'm sad to report that I've completely given up on the thirty day blog challenge. It's hard to blog every day. It really is. The good news is that the rest of the days of the challenge were pretty lame. So there's that. Now I'm going to go back to just blogging about the complete randomness that is my life.

Summer has officially begun (it's not really official yet. but in my mind it is.) My best friend, Allie is home for the summer. I seriously could not be more excited. I've really really missed her this year. I don't know how long distance couples manage, because I had a hard time dealing with her being gone. haha! We went on a date to the local shaved ice place, called Sno Biz. It's lovely. I had wedding cake, Allie had pink lemonade (like ALWAYS), and Kayla had pomegranate punch. Mmmmm pomegranate.

It really was a lovely time. I know that there will be so many other shenanigans this summer. The three of us are obsessed with making lists, so naturally we've been thinking up lists of things we want to do this summer. It shall be splendid.

In other news, tomorrow morning, my sister, my mom, and I are embarking on a journey Iowa! We're spending the weekend in the charming little town of Pella (from the pictures I've seen, it's like a real life Stars Hollow,yessss.) to reunite with Miss Amanda, and her mommy. We haven't seen them since I was only a few months old, so a little more than 19 years! Talk about a long time. I'm so incredibly excited.

I should be packing, but instead I'm blogging. I'm just so dedicated. Or just a really good procrastinator. It's hard to tell. I hope everyone had as lovely a week as I did! As of yesterday, I'm officially done with my freshman year of college! Oh, happy day! xoxo

p.s. remember all the times I said I would post real pictures? THAT DAY IS HERE! I got a brand new Canon Rebel T3, and that's what all the photos on this post were taken with. I cannot contain my excitement, I love this camera so.

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