oh pella...

Hello friends! As you all know (or maybe you don't) I spent the weekend in little Pella, Iowa, with my mom, sister, and our long lost friends Carrie and Amanda. They are our kindred spirits, I'm certain of it. Anywho, it was one of the most fun weekend I've ever had. There was a lot of giggling, tree-climbing, and basically wreaking havoc on this quiet little town.

Pella is precious. The people are not.

home of the amazing baked goods.

Here's a little back story...
According to Amanda (who acted as our lovely tour guide) if you aren't Dutch in Pella, you cannot thrive unless you marry a Dutchman or you just lie about your last name. We changed ours to Vandernewman. I wonder if that's acceptable? But seriously, the town's catchphrase is "If you ain't Dutch, you ain't much." And that is the mentality they keep. They stared at us the whole time. Yes, we are loud and crazy. And not Dutch.

Anyways, the moral of the story is, don't go to Pella unless you are Dutch or you are prepared for people to stare at your obnoxious laughing and all-around tomfoolery.

those last two pictures took place in the very center of the town. I'm sure you can imagine that this was frowned upon. It was. Thankfully, the cop on the bike was not around to get us...

 okay, my jazzy TOMS were completely frowned on, in Pella. They were just too flashy for those Dutch people I guess.

 Pella is known for it's Dutch letters. They're just pastries in the shape of an S. We didn't try them, but Amanda said that we weren't missing out on anything.

 There was a sundial in the town square, if you will. It reminded us of Katniss and the Hunger Games, so naturally we had to give the sign of the rebellion.



 Russell is the best dog in the whole world. I just love him.

I may or may not have written this on the comment card at the hotel. I fully intended on throwing this away before we left, so the help didn't see it. But I totally forgot. Whoops! What a shock it must have been for the  housekeepers...

I know there are soooo many pictures on this post, BUT we had nineteen YEARS worth of pictures to make up. It was the most fun I've had in a really long while. Now that I'm home, I really miss them! I even miss crazy Pella. Oh Pella. It definitely will not be nineteen years until the next time we see them. They are the two funniest people ever. I hope everyone had a great weekend like I did! I'll definitely be doing a part two to this post, because there were just so many pictures that I want to share.

xoxo, Sophie


  1. Loved this post. Loved all the pictures. Loved our time together. Loved upsetting the Dutch people. Loved being your tour guide. But most of all I love you Sophie Newman. I had a ridiculous amount of fun with you this weekend. And no it can not be another 19 years before we do it again! XXOO

  2. I love you too, Amanda Barker! It was seriously the best weekend ever! And yes, one year is the longest I'll go without seeing you guys, and even that is pushing it!

  3. These pictures are beautiful! Your camera is amazing! :)