you know you missed me.


I am finally back from my Western adventures. I had suuuuuuch a blast, and if you follow me on twitter and instagram, you got a (very large) taste of what I've been up to for the past week. There were so many shenanigans, and it was oh so wonderful. However, yesterday was the longest day of my life, so a REAL post about my vacation will have to wait until tomorrow. And the next day. And the next day. The posts about it will come in three (or four) parts. I took a buttload of pictures, okay? In the mean time, I'm leaving you with a photo and a playlist. I'm off to sleep FOREVER.

p.s. can I please go back to Las Vegas... now?

Their names are Dave and Randy.
That pretty much sums up my trip. And probably is the most awesome picture I took the whole time. Dinosaurs, duh.

Also, a playlist for an awesome and somewhat silly roadtrip. (I had to include Backstreet's Back. I mean really.) 

roadtrippin'. by slowphie11 on Grooveshark

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