don't make frowns, you silly clown.

First of all, I apologize for being scarce around the blog lately. I don't really have an excuse. Oh wait! I just thought of one. My keyboard is still on the fritz, so typing anything of great length makes me want to kick a small child. And there are no small children around. So it's proving problematic. 
Anyways, the past two days have been rather suckish. I haven't really had a truly bad day in awhile, so I knew one was on its way. Which is oddly okay by me. It's like, I was going unnoticed by the universe for awhile, and so it was all, wait one hot second! This must change! It's okay, universe. I understand it was nothing personal. You gotta do what you gotta do.
This post is going to jump around a lot. It'going to go from pity party, to happy, to ridiculous, to a whole bunch of other things. Random, like me.

Reasons why I could be frowning right now...
-boys. I know you're probably going reaaaally, Sophie? YES REALLY. They think we girls are all confusing. Au contraire. Boys, if you like a girl, gather some courage and ask her out. Please. Call me old fashioned, but I think the boy should have to do the pursuingRant over.
-You would not believe the amount of times I've had to scream, LULU, DROP THE UNDERWEAR this week.
-I'm sickish. I haven't felt very well today or yesterday. I think it's a combination of worrying myself, and also that I really am sick. Meh.
-Let me paint a picture for you. Me. Sitting in my sister's apartment. Blubbering to Kevin and Lulu (yes, my sister's dogs.) about being ignored..Then proceeding to watch rom coms for the remainder of the night. Yeah... I'm really doing some favors for the single girl stereotype! Carrie Bradshaw would be proud.
-The fact that aaaall of my friends are leaving me for for school soon. 1 is the loneliest nuuummmbaaaaa. 
-my wisdom teeth are bothering me. BE GONE, YOU!

(pity party, I TOLD YOU.)

Reasons why I am choosing to smile instead...
-I started my new job on Wednesday. Let me tell you something, I'm convinced it was made specifically for me. Like, it arrived on my doorstep all nice and wrapped up, addressed to me, complete with a bow. I got to decorate doggie treats today, you guys. This is serious shiz. Also, can we talk about the adorable apron I get to wear?
-I think my hair has finally won the war on frizz. It was a 19 year battle, but we did it.
-Miss Amanda. I am so blessed to have someone like her in my life. Shgave me the best advice I've gotten in a very very long time today. I love her so much! Everyone needs an Amanda. She's like my Oprah. And my Yoda. But prettier. And not green.
-Down with Love. Where has that movie been all my life? More importantly, where as Ewan McGregor been all my life?!?
-The word cray. You can't stop my gangsta.
-All of my new coworkers are complete hippies. I fell to my knees and screamed MY PEOOOPPPLLEEEEE on my first day. No I didn't. 
-thinking about the Ingrid Michaelson concert the other day. (post on that to come!)
- sitting in solitude, with my sister's dogs cuddled up against me and just listening to music. It's wonderful.
- The Bible verses I discovered talking about vegetarians. It was like a holla from God.
-My boss talking about how she doesn't like to microwave food because it messes with the molecular structure of food. Uh, please be my best friend.
-how excited Lulu gets every time I start singing.
-and this print...


magic. by Sophie Newman on Grooveshark


  1. I really enjoyed this blog post. You are an adorable little child and I lurve you. And I am glad you are enjoying my movie collection. HAHA!

    1. I lurve you too. And I enjoyed it SO MUCH. haha!

  2. Uhmm the shout out in your post just made my day <3 I'm lying in bed sick, you may be wrong about me not being the color green, so I might resemble yoda more than you think. But seriously your post just totally made me smile. Thanks lovely!

    1. Awwww poor Amanda! :( And no, thank YOU! You make me smile, always!