I like to talk, and I don't like sneezers.

I am a terrible movie partner. I always have to sit in the very very back, because sitting anywhere else, there are people behind you and if they sneeze or cough, you become their own, life-size tissue. If I sit anywhere else, I am basically cringing the whole time. You can thank my mother for that really weird thought process. Also, I sort of like to give my own commentary during movies, as I don't  know how to keep my mouth shut for more than 30 seconds. Some people find it entertaining, but others (I'm looking at YOU, Allie) don't find it so entertaining.

Anyways, I don't go to the movies that much. Even though I sort of love it. With that being said, I have compiled a list of movies that I'm absolutely dying to see! But maybe, just maybe I should go by myself...
#1- Beasts of the Southern Wild

#2- Moonrise Kingdom
#3-Take This Waltz

#4- The Intouchables

#5- Ruby Sparks

p.s. I know that's a lot of film trailers, but I couldn't narrow it down any further!
p.p.s. I'll be back later today with part two of my vacation!