an apology.

Oh hey guys. It's me. That loser who posted like, THREE DAYS AGO that I would be blogging about my vacay. I have a good explanation for not doing that, I really do. My computer exploded. Okay, not really. But the G, H, backspace, aaaaand quotation marks on my keyboard decided that they were too good for me. Snobs. Plus, I'm such a lazypants. Get it together, self. There are just SO MANY PICTURES and do you know how long it takes to upload that many pictures? A really long time. I know you all (what is that, like three people? Let's be real, Sophie.) have been anxiously awaiting these pictures, RIGHT? RIGHT?? So I'll start the marathon of Las Vegas pictures tomorrow.

I PINKY PROMISE I'll do part one tomorrow. Like, I swear on cantaloupe. And I really love cantaloupe.

On another completely random and out of nowhere note, I want to marry Gene Kelly's voice.

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