25 before 20.

Today I was thinking. Which sometimes (most times) proves dangerous. I'm 19. NINETEEN. That's so weird. I have less than a year left of being a teenager. No more teen angst or auditioning for Dance TV. That's serious business, guys.
So, in normal Sophie fashion, I made a list. I firmly believe that lists solve EVERYTHING. Especially pro/con lists. But I digress. I made a list of 25 Things To Do Before I Turn 20. I'll keep you all updated on these things as I do them... and I'm hoping to do them all.
Without furter ado, here is my list!
1. take a ballet class.
2. learn French. (I'm signed up for a French class this semester, so this one is kind of a self-fulfilling prophecy...)
3.volunteer somewhere.
4. read a Jane Austen novel.
5. embroider something. 
6. bake macaroons (successfully)
7. learn to crochet.
8. sew a dress or skirt.
9. throw a tea party.
10. try African food.
11. visit Miss Amanda in Pella, again. (hopefully that'happening soon!)
12. gather my favorite things and take pictures of them.
13. build a blanket fort.
14. leave a random, sweet note for a stranger.
15.work at a bakery. (a real one, not a dog one, like I do now!)
16. open a shop on Etsy, filled with things I've made. 
17. visit my best friends while they are away at school.
18. learn to play the ukulele (I already have the uke!)
19. join my school's orchestra.
20. stay on the vegan bandwagon for the rest of my teenage life.
21. Take pictures of strangers. (with their permission... no creeping here!)
22.start putting outfit posts on the blog.
23. get film for my polaroid camera.
24. take a picture a day.
25. travel somewhere I've never been before.   

And that's my list! Its nothing too special, but it's certainly something!

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  1. I'm honored to be on your list <3 And I would love to do #'s 6,8,9,10, and 13 with you if that is at all possible. (oh and of course number 11)