little letters.

dear Imagine Dragons Pandora station,
you're my new favorite station. I may or may not have crazy danced while listening to your songs more than once at work today. Keep being you, in all of your Vampire Weekend-y, MGMT-y, Imagine Dragon-y, dance party-y wonderfulness.

dear Target,
You told me I would be getting out of work by 10:15 at the latest this morning... I DIDN'T GET OUT UNTIL 11. I'll get you. And your little bullseyed dog, too.

dear Mr. Sylvester Canon,
dude, you're taking some bangin' pictures as of late. We make a good team. I'll forgive you for dying yesterday. Just don't let it happen again.

dear Barbra Streisand,
you're so money. Especially in Funny Girl. Which is in my top five fave movies.

dear Elf,
It's never a wrong time to watch you. But now I'm totally ready for winter. I want scarves, mittens, and ice please!

dear fall,
don't read the above letter. You're my faaaaave. Hurry up, already!

dear voice,
I think we're kind of getting a little better at singing, yeah?! I'll credit all of those hours of singing (shouting?) show tunes to my dog.

dear violin,
WHY ARE YOU SO OUT OF TUNE? This is not okay. We will not have a repeat of last year, where I was trying to tune you and you slapped me in the face with one of your strings. Nope. Not happening.

dear sun,
thank you for being kind to me while I was in Las Vegas. The lack of sunburning is much appreciated.

love always,

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