TOMS style.

I am a hoarder of TOMS. I have 8 pairs, and I'm in love with them all. They're my babies. I'm pretty sure in high school everyone knew me as "that girl who is obsessed with Harry Potter and TOMS." They're just so wonderful! They've started carrying them at the motherland (Whole Foods) and I'm pretty sure I'm in need of another pair.

On another note, the day after tomorrow I'll be leaving for Colorado/Las Vegas... I'll be sans computer while I'm there, so I won't have a new post up for 8 whole days! Frankly, I'm excited to be unplugged. But I will miss all of you lovelies. I'll be back tomorrow with a way to upcycle your old and worn out TOMS, and after that it'll be really quiet over here. However, you can follow my adventures on twitter and instagram... @slowphie11

I hope you all had a loverly, splendiferous day!


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