deep thoughts with Sophie: on sweatshops

I told you I'd be back. I think I'm addicted to blogging. But that's okay.

I'm starting a new thing on my blog called Deep Thoughts With Sophie, in which I talk about my views on different topics. Sometimes it may be a tiny bit controversial (you can't stop my hippie!) but let's try and keep the comments pleasant! Also, I will actually keep up with this segment, I swear.

Alongside blogging, I think I'm addicted to shopping. This is awesome and not awesome. Working in the clothing part of Target does not help this addiction along very much, either. Every time we get new, pretty things in, my mind automatically thinks,"NEEEEEEEEDDDDD." Which makes my bank account very sad. I've been doing better at combating this thought process, but still.

So in lieu of this, I'm going to start doing more with less. As much as it pains me to say, I'm going to forgo trips to Forever 21 and Urban Outfitters (cute clothes, sucky human rights ethics) in favor of handmade and vintage things. Hello, Etsy, sewing machine, and thrift stores. You are my new best friends. Not that you already weren't because you totally were...but we just level upped in terms of friendship. Like, we're on 'best friend coming along on the family vacation' level now.

It's so easy to buy plain old things from Goodwill and snazz it up however you want, versus dropping thirty dollars on one shirt. Example: I have this plain gray sweatshirt that I bought for a dollar. I'm planning on jazzing it up by adding embroidery around the neckline, along with some other things. It's easy peasy, cheap, and absolutely adorable. What more could you want?!?!

Not only is it awesome morally to buy vintage/local/handmade, but HELLLOOOO. You're not going to have a billion people walking around with the same clothes as you. What a bonus!

This isn't to say that I'm going to stop wearing the F21 and Urban things I already own... what would be the point in that? I already bought those things in my naiveté, so I think it would be silly of me to just let that go to waste. I'm just not going to buy anything from them in the future.

Anyways, these are the thoughts I've been having today, and I thought I would share them. Basically, it boils down to this: you can look cute without sacrificing other peoples' rights.

I sound more and more like a hippie everyday. I think it's a good thing?


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