i never know what I'm talking about.

Hello, lovelies! I'm back after an unexpected blog hiatus. I was feeling uninspired in the blogging department this week. Plus, it's really hard to do anything but sleep when you have two jobs, I'm coming to realize. However, I only have one week left at Target. I'm nothing but excited about this. Sorry, Target. (I'm not really sorry.)

Anyways, I'M BACK! This week was a very crafty week for me. I made a flower crown, I jazzed up an old pair of shoes, and I made a skirt (pictures to come)! One down on my 25 before 20 list, 24 more to go! Eek! Also, it was Harry Potter's 32nd birthday yesterday... so I mean. I was celebrating, of course.

On another note, SCHOOL STARTS SOON! AHHHH! No one understands how excited for this I am. Oh school supply shopping, you are my favorite. I need to dig out my pocket protector. (I'm totally kidding. Maybe I'm not.)

On another another note, I had this awesome post about Chick-Fil-A all formulated in my head. And then my sister wrote exactly what I was thinking in a post of her own. Basically, we share a brain. And she says it better than I would have. Enjoy!

I realize this is a post about... nothing. I will have a somewhat interesting (more interesting than this) post soon, pinkie promise!

This is so perfect, I can't even handle it. I love how into the music Jade gets. You can tell she's just really...feeling it.

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