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The past few days, all I've been listening to is Frank Sinatra. And Ella Fitzgerald. And Blossom Dearie. There is just something so exquisite about the music from their time period. I certainly think I was meant for another decade besides this one. But like in the movie "Midnight in Paris," I'm sure the people from the decades I'm smitten with, were wishing to be in a different decade themselves. If you haven't seen that movie , I highly suggest you do! It is one of my favorites. Not much is better than Paris in the 1920's, that's for sure! While we're on the subject of the Roaring 20's... can I just say how terribly excited I am about the Great Gatsby movie? I watched the trailer the day it was released (duh) and it looks absolutely wonderful! I love the flashiness of it all, and of course Leo DiCaprio as Gatsby was the perfect choice. I have got to reread the book before the movie comes out!

Anyways, a few days ago I did a little photo shoot with my friend Alisha... she is an incredible photographer, really! Hop on over to her facebook page, and show her some love! I've been so wanting to do an outfit post, so I'm making this my first official outfit post, even though that was not the pictures' original intent. Oh well! I seriously cannot wait to do some real outfit posts. 

Also, I had the most amazing thrifting day yesterday. My friend Joe and I went out to lunch, and we spontaneously decided to go thrifting. It was such a good decision. I found two lovely doilies (one with which I'm altering in an awesome way... I'll be doing a DIY, soon!) a pretty vintage dress...it looks ridiculous and like a floral circus tent at first... but put a belt on, and voilà! A spiffy new (to me) dress. Oh, and the pièce de résistance... a three dollar Polaroid camera! I kid you not when I say I almost cried when Joe showed it to me. There was a large amount of squealing and "Oh my gosh, I CANNOT BELIEVE WE FOUND THIS" 's. Now all I need is some film!

outfit details:
dress: Forever 21
head scarf: thrifted
rings: Target
shoes: saltwater sandals

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