carnies smell like cabbages.

Today was for...

-sundresses and ballet flats.
-having frozen yogurt* for lunch. I'M AN ADUUUUUULT. (I did not throw it on the ground.)
-thrifting. I found three dresses, and a pair of shoes. My mom bought one of the dresses for me, because she's an angel. I bought three things, and combined it was ten dollars. It was magnificent. Also, did YOU know that Target donates brand new adorable things to Goodwill all the time? I did not. I got a most wonderful pair of sandals that are usually $20, for FOUR DOLLARS. HECK YEAH.
-stopping at a carnival... not to ride any rides, but to take pictures of all the fun colors. duh.
-snuggling up in bed, listening to Sucré, and reading about the love of my life. Abraham Lincoln.
-cleaning and organizing, and gettin' crafty with my bad self! I love the little space that is my room. It's so cozy and lovely.
-going to my (not so) little brother's baseball game. It was such a perfect night for baseball.
-having a phone interview for a job that I want super really a lot. I have a real interview on Wednesday! Cross your fingers, say a prayer, wish me luck! 

What was today for, for you?

**my frozen yogurt was vegan friendly. so frozen not yogurt? Either way, it was so yum.

photo taken by me, using instagram.

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