today is for...

-staying in bed a few moments longer to listen to some new favorite music, mixed with the sound of thunder and rain.
-prancing around outside in my beloved rainboots.
- wearing the warmest gray socks inside of those floral rainboots.
-going to classes, and being super incredibly excited about it.
-listening to everybody in my Creative Writing class recite poems they've written.
-having a pumpkin spice latte for the second day in a row. I like them a latte!
-peter pan collars.
-wondering if it really rained today, BECAUSE THERE ARE NO TRACES OF IT ANYMORE. Where are you, clouds and puddles?! I just want to stomp around in you a little...
-aaaannndddd a lovely playlist filled with a few of my faveys, as of late...

                                                          today. by Sophie Newman on Grooveshark

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