paranoia in b flat major.

have a new music obsession in the Avett Brothers.

Oh my. There are no words for them. I started listening to them like, a week ago. I know they're rather old news, and I'm late to this party. BUT. I've heard sooooo many people talk about them and I was just kind of like... okay whatever. SHUT UP EVERYONE THEY'RE PROBABLY NOT EVEN THAT WONDERFUL.

Oh how I was mistaken! They are just so good, and I'd be lying if I said I haven't cried at a song or two of theirs. The lyrics are what get me.

These are my favorite songs by them and have been on repeat, repeat, repeat.

                                                           avett by Sophie Newman on Grooveshark
Anyways, there's not much else to report over here. Other than I'm a little sicky sick. (insert boredness here.) It might just be allergies. I don't think so. But who thheck knows?! At any rate, I've spent the majority of my night watching My Best Friend's Wedding and wishing I had some Sprite. I've determined that Julia Roberts is the plucky curly redhead I aspire to be.

   I can't take it. THE LOBSTER HANDS!

Also,  Mumford and Sons new album.... PURE WONDERFULNESS, AS EXPECTED.

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