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Over the weekend, Michael and I took a trip to visit Columbia and it was much fun. A weekend filled with a lot of giggling, a lot silliness, and a lot of exploring... what could be better?! I got a grand tour from both Michael AND the lovely Allie, who acted as my tour guide Barbie. And yes I called her that many times. It was wonderful.

Anyways, one of the buildings downtown is under construction, and there's a bunch of plywood up. Some lovely person took it upon themselves to paint the loveliest words on aforementioned plywood. Of course, my picture senses started tingling.      

The first time I walked past it, I was with Allie, but the sidewalk was SO busy that I didn't even think twice about taking a picture of it. Then later that night, I walked past it with Michael, and I was all DUDE. I have to take a picture of this. HAVE TO. And I started to, but then Michael said there was a guy walking in our vicinity and he was super creepy. So we vamoosed. THEN we wandered down that way again the next day, and I finally got my pictures. But it was filled with a lot of awkward "let's pretend we're looking at a building so these people walking our way don't think we're weird."

Good thing he is so accepting of my weird, blogger ways.

I took a whole bunch of pictures in Columbia, most of which are Michael and I making silly (weird) faces, food, and buildings. I'll be posting those at soon o'clock.   

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