sophie + coffee + soda = explosion.

Currently, it is three in the morning. I had a coffee AND a soda today. Bad life choice. I don't think these things through. Sleep is eluding me even though I am absolutely exhausted. Anyways, everything I'm saying out loud right now makes little to no sense. Sigh.

I just found a bunch of silly photobooth pictures of Michael and I from a few weeks ago, so I thought I would share these lovelies with you. Enjoy!


Also, happy first official day of fall. I shall be doing solstice dances all day.

Also also, I'm going to estate sales tomorrow... errr... today. Can you say EXCITED?!


  1. This is actually the AUTUMNAL EQUINOX (per Mama). AND thank you berry much for the sweet camera, and sorry that I was still weird today. Lurv YOU! Tell Mikhail I say hi, I haven't seen the little ginge in a while!