moins et plus.

Things I need to do less of:
biting my nails
picking at my cuticles
being a crankypants
talking about myself
making mountains out of molehills
eating DAIRY (maybe I should be vegan again. YES.)
buying things
being lazy

Things I need to do more of:
reading books
eating healthy
having solo dance parties
appreciating myself and my lovely little life
doing laundry
shaving my legs (ew gross, self)
throwing things away
being satisfied with what I have
keeping my room tidy
blogging more (ahem...)
practicing being a better daughter, sister, girlfriend, etc... basically just the best version of myself possible.
having more silly photoshoots, shamelessly. it's good for the soul.
making a conscious effort to be happy...
i'm learning that sometimes that doesn't just come,
even if you have the most fabulous circumstances.

also, this is my first blog post of the year.
2012 went by a little too fast for my taste.
2013, I hope you are as kind to me as 2012 was. 
We really were grand old friends, last year and I.

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