conversational meows.

You guys, it happened again. I had a moment with an animal last night. I'm beginning to think I'm the second coming of Eliza Thornberry or something.

Last night, as Michael and I were walking into his house, I spotted a cat across the street. So naturally...I meowed at it. And Michael was like, I think it just meowed back at you. I didn't hear it, so of course I meowed again. And it meowed. And I meowed. And it meowed. And we carried on like this for like FIVE MINUTES, just meowing back and forth. And then Michael tried meowing...and my kitty friend just stared. And then I meowed again after this... and it meowed AGAIN. It had a conversation with me and completely snubbed Michael. HA! It would start to walk away and then I would meow again and it would stop and turn around and meow. I just hope my meows were nice meows and I wasn't unknowingly telling it that it's mother is fat and has a catnip problem.

Let's not talk about the fact that I stood in my boyfriend's driveway conversationally meowing with a cat for a good five minutes.

p.s. I think I just beat the record for "most times using 'meow' in a blog post." I would like a plaque and an honorary place in the crazy cat lady hall of...meows.

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