well done, sister suffragette.

Fellow constituents,
Tomorrow is a SUPAH big day in the form of ELECTION DAY! I have been eagerly awaiting the day I can finally vote for years, and it's finally, finally here. I cannot express my excitement. I probably won't be able to sleep tonight because I'm that excited. IT'S LIKE CHRISTMAS.

With that being said I think it's absolutely imperative that everyone vote. Just vote. This right has been fought for time and time again, in so many different capacities, so we ought to appreciate and exercise it. No one says (or sings) it better than Mrs. Banks from Mary Poppins. [my personal favorite line is "though we adore men individually, we can agree that as a group they're raaatherrrrr stuuuupiiiiddd!"]

Honestly, I've been marching around singing this song all day today. (i wish i was kidding. no i don't.)

So get out there tomorrow, be civil towards one another, vote for who YOU want, and SING SOME MARY POPPINS.

Work that "I voted" sticker, work it.

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