a lot of words from a holiday cheermeister.

I was reading some of my blog posts from awhiiiiilllllleeeeee ago, and man. I feel like I had so much to say then, but now I have nothing interesting to say/blog about.

My blog posts from the beginning of the summer were very very wordy, and my blog posts from the last few months have been......well....about nothing. They've been quotes, poems, songs... but nothing about the happy haps with me or my thoughts.

Then I didn't have a life, now I do. Then I had a lot to blog about, now I don't. SHOULDN'T IT BE THE OPPOSITE?!?! LIKE WHAT? Seriously guys. I just would sit in my room wallowing in self pity, moping around, and EATING. Now I have a lovely job, a lovely boyfriend and....school. (notice that I left the lovely out. School, I'm tired of youuuuuu.) But I feel like I should have a lot more blogging material than I do. First of all, I need to pick my camera up more often. I haven't touched dearest Sylvester in a darn while. But my sista is borrowing him for the time being, for reasons that will remain a mystery. Oh Sophie, quit being so vague, you say? Hush, reader. Hush.

AnyWHOOOOOO, put some warm socks on because I'm about to fill you in on my random thoughts and things that have been making my heart happy, as of late. ( I don't know why you should put warm socks on, but it just sounds good.)

-First off, can we just have a moment to appreciate that CHRISTMAS IS UPON US?!?!?! I know, I know. Christmas *technically* does not start until the day after Thanksgiving, but to that I say OH POOH! ( for those of you who don't know, that's British for "whatever." Chronicles of Narnia taught me this.) I am the ultimate Christmas cheermeister, and last year I was deprived of Christmas, so this year is like MEGA CHRISTMAS!

-I really like Michael a lot, mostly because he smells nice. This is very important to me.

- I SAW REGINA SPEKTOR IN CONCERT AND IT WAS THE MOST WONDERFUL THING I'VE EVER EXPERIENCED! Everyone knows that she's my favorite singer ever, and it was everything I dreamed. Her voice is what I imagine cuddling with many puppies and kittens sounds like. She was so adorable, and even a little nervous! Michael was such a trooper about it. He's not a fan of concerts in general, and he doesn't know Regina all too well, but he went with me and was just such a good concert partner. I cannot thank my dear boyfriend enough!

-I like to describe myself as little orphan Annie with a dash of Michael Scott.

-Today my mom told me my outfits always have way too much going on, that they're too busy. HELLO, THIS IS MY THING. It matches my ridiculous personality.

-It's 11 o'clock at night, I am bouncing off the walls with energy, and I have tomorrow off of work. This all points to one thing. BAKING, DRINKING LARGE QUANTITIES OF SPRITE, AND LISTENING TO CHRISTMAS MUSIC! SOMEBODY STOP ME!

And that is that for tonight. It feels SO nice to write a super duper long, wordy, blog post. I'm going to try to get back into the habit. Lord knows everyone wants Sophie to talk more...PERISH THE THOUGHT.

US, whilst waiting in line for Reginnnnnaaaa.
I was drooling a little. (NO I REALLY WAS NOT.)

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  1. I love you and all your wordiness :) I'm a Christmas fanatic too! Can't wait to see you again my dear. We must bake something Together this time! XXOO