Heartbeats is probably one of my favorite songs, ever. It is absolutely in my top five favorites. Every variation, too. The original, by Jose Gonzalez (don't even get me started on the brilliance that is him) and also the cover by the Knife. And then, the Knife performing it live, which is different from the recorded one. This song is so good in all forms.

I have had it resolved for like A YEAR, that both forms will be included in my imaginary wedding SOMEHOW. First dance, simply being played at the reception, whatever! Let's just not talk about how much thought I've put into this, guys.

I listen to this song AT LEAST once a day (today it's been twice...). And I'm posting this for no other reason than the fact that I want to share the wonderfulness of this song. And for you guys to think I'm weird for knowing what songs will be played at my wedding. And EVEN WEIRDER YET, for blogging about it.

So like, you're welcome and stuff.


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  1. I guess you don't remember that this was played at OUR wedding.